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Advanced Project Management

Project management starts by implementing the adapted methodology and federating staff on common objectives delivering values to the company. This session focuses on managing objectively and efficiently projects and provides the tool to ensure all stakeholders including the management and sponsors are fully invested in the project to make it a success.


  • Understand purpose, values and manage priority in project
  • Develop skills to align the project ecosystem to succeed
  • Instill an environmnent of performance
  • Learn to leverage on teams and manage conflicts
  • Learn to manage your entire project ecosystem

Preliminary work

  • Preliminary poll
  • “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by P. Lencioni (Optional)
  • “Our Iceberg is melting” by J. Kotter


  • SPARCK Approach (Sponsorship, Planning, Alignment to stakes, Resistance, Capacity, Key indicators)
  • The 5 disfunction of a team
  • Management style
  • Change management models
  • Conflict Typology and Non Violent Communication
  • Ecosystem analysis and network management

Andragogical method

  • Top Down learning (10%)
  • Experience and debrief (50%)
  • Practice sharing (30%)

Training Follow-up

  • Evaluation

Training specificity:  This training is very practical and is intended to managers who are seeking realistic and objective tools to drive their projects leveraging on added values to gain a strong support from all stakeholders.

Number of participants : 5-8

Recommendation: Over 2 year of project management

Target population: Professional driving projects

Duration: 2d

Mode: Face to face or Online

€ Pricing Inter: 2000EUR/d and Intra: 6000 EUR/d (up to 8 persons)

Attend: Contact Us


More than 20 years managing teams for large banking organisations, across the world. Today transforming organisations and the people within.

Board member of a major educational association, focused on ensuring the best level of education is offered to the largest number of young people.

4th grade black belt in Chinese Martial Arts, always looking to achieve new balances in any projects.

Experienced HEC certified coach, on a mission to unlock human and organizational potential.