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Advanced Team management

This session is intended for experienced managers that seek to develop their skills as managers and grow a culture of quality and performance in their teams. Attendees will have the opportunity to go deeper in their role of manager in relation to their organization expectations from an organizational and cultural perspective. They will also sharpened their management skills to grow a collaborative mindset in their teams.


  • Elaborate a referential of the role and mission of a manager in the organisation
  • Align your management practice to your company standards
  • Identify and decide on your management style
  • Review and Improve your attitude as a manager and a managee
  • Understand the importance of values in your team and your organisation
  • Explore decide your ideal values for your team
  • Develop and improve your visual management tools

Preliminary work

  • “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by P. Lencioni (Optional)
  • Identify and list of challenges faced in your role as a manager
  • Pass and debrief a profiling experience (MBTI, Disc, Process Comm)


  • Manager is not a job but a role
  • Role and skill referential for managers
  • Values and culture in an organisation and a team
  • Management style (Rensis Likert)
  • Visual managment (Kanban, leveraging on indicators)

Andragogical method

  • Top Down learning (10%)
  • Experience and debrief (60%)
  • Best practice sharing (30%)

Training Follow-up

  • Evaluation

Training specificity: This training is leveraging on last social engineering tools and year of managerial experience. Trainers are certified coaches allowing to help participants to dig deeper to build higher.

Number of participants: 5-12

Recommendation: 2-5 years of management experience

Target population: Experienced manager

Duration: 2d

Mode: Face to face or Online

€ Pricing Inter: 2000EUR/d and Intra: 6000 EUR/d (up to 12 persons)

Contact: Contact Us


More than 20 years managing teams for large banking organisations, across the world. Today transforming organisations and the people within.

Board member of a major educational association, focused on ensuring the best level of education is offered to the largest number of young people.

4th grade black belt in Chinese Martial Arts, always looking to achieve new balances in any projects.

Experienced HEC certified coach, on a mission to unlock human and organizational potential.