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Emotional Resonnance

A key differentiating factor between two leaders is their emotional intelligence. This session is intended for leaders and recognised professional experts in their technical fields who are are seeking to overcome their own limits. It will help them to develop their self awareness and control and increase their influence over their pairs, staff and management lines.


  • Understand emotional resonnance principles and benefits
  • Develop emotional resonnance skills
  • Develop strategies leveraging on emotional resonnance to improve performance and develop leadership

Preliminary work

  • Not Applicable


  • Importance of emotions in business
  • Biology of Feelings
  • Emotional resonance definition and principles
  • Emotional resonnance skills
  • Storytelling
  • Social entrainment model

Andragogical method

  • Top Down learning (10%)
  • Experience and debrief (90%)

Training Follow-up


Training specificity: This training is leveraging on last social engineering tools and strong expertise of NovInsight in the field of Emotional Resonance. This session is a transformational experience that revisit the way emotions are considered in enterprises

Number of participants : 5-10

Recommendation: None

Target population: Professional, Manager and C-Level

Duration: 1d

Mode: Face to face or Online

€ Pricing Inter: 2000EUR/d and Intra: 6000 EUR/d (up to 10 persons)

Contact: Contact Us


More than 20 years managing teams for large banking organisations, across the world. Today transforming organisations and the people within.

Board member of a major educational association, focused on ensuring the best level of education is offered to the largest number of young people.

4th grade black belt in Chinese Martial Arts, always looking to achieve new balances in any projects.

Experienced HEC certified coach, on a mission to unlock human and organizational potential.