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Our Offer

We believe we can help you stay focussed as a leader – enabling you to lead others with your head, your emotional awareness and your ‘gut feel’.

And with a recall rate of 150%, a satisfaction rate of 87%, our clients and beneficiaries highlight our capacity to listen to their needs and propose inovating solutions engaging the beneficiaries in their professional development.

Leadership Coaching

More than ever, organizations are tough places to navigate. Collaborating with others and getting the best out of team working can be difficult. As a leader, It takes energy and commitment to create a positive and productive work environment.

We offer individual coaching to help you become a better leader; courageous, empathetic, inclusive and self-aware.

Team Coaching

You may be interested in employing coaching to develop more effective teamwork. We have some broad experience in team coaching using systemic coaching techniques, MBTI, emotional resonance tools], inquiry and co-development techniques to improve team dynamics.

Workshops and training programs

We have developed workshops and training programs to address common themes in the workplace. We can deliver workshops face to face or online. We always use experiential learning techniques (learning by doing) and are happy to develop workshops or program tailormade to your needs. Our facilitators use coaching techniques in workshops and training sessions. We have experience of developing programs and workshops in the following areas:

  • motional resonance: Expanding the Leadership Repertoire
  • Handling complex personalities in the workplace
  • Co-development techniques for teams
  • Appreciative inquiry for improved team dynamics
  • Design thinking
  • Innovation in teams
  • Building resilience
  • Management skills

For further details, please have a look at our training catalogue or our coaching offer and our general terms and conditions of sales.

All our facilitators abide by our code of ethics and our training processes are certified by Qualiopi in the category Training actions.


More than 20 years managing teams for large banking organisations, across the world. Today transforming organisations and the people within.

Board member of a major educational association, focused on ensuring the best level of education is offered to the largest number of young people.

4th grade black belt in Chinese Martial Arts, always looking to achieve new balances in any projects.

Experienced HEC certified coach, on a mission to unlock human and organizational potential.

Emotional resonance is the ability to understand one’s own emotions, those of others and to manage the echo  in us and in others.

It is based on six fundamental principles that govern emotions :

  • They are a message
  • They are neither good nor bad
  • They can’t be controlled
  • They have an impact on health, thouhts, behavior and perception
  • They are the source of commitment
  • They are contagious