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Emotions are valuable signals: don’t shoot the messenger.

Since our childhood, how many times were we told “Don’t be sad”, “don’t worry”, “be happy”. Yet emotions can not be decided, there are powerful messages that one must understand to achieve personal and professional success. It is a deep cultural change for many of us, but stakes are worthwhile in particular in situation like today.

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20 years of consulting and training experience working within different industries. Motivated by the desire to use her skills as a certified coach and trainer, to accompany clients on their development path.

A rich professional background combined with an interest in academic study. In depth experience of working across cultures and with disabled clients, and those with high potential. Able to collaborate with diverse organisational profiles.

Practicing Chinese Martial Arts, with a particular affinity for their values of respect, kindness and integrity. These qualities inspire her conduct.

Passionate about surfing, living each adventure with authenticity and adaptability, each new wave wetting her appetite for discovery and creativity.


With a career divided between corporate management and managing start-ups, always looking to employ both experiences in the service of organizational development.

Extensive experience of working across cultures (bilingual French and English), and as a result, the ability to work with uncertainty and ambivalence.

HEC certified coach and trained in systemic coaching techniques, speaker on ethics in coaching and committed to enhancing leadership skills for women and a greater understanding of gender issues in the workplace.

Lifelong learner and creative thinker who is always looking to extend beyond the limits.

Serious rower who believes in the capacity of the team.


More than 20 years managing teams for large banking organisations, across the world. Today transforming organisations and the people within.

Board member of a major educational association, focused on ensuring the best level of education is offered to the largest number of young people.

4th grade black belt in Chinese Martial Arts, always looking to achieve new balances in any projects.

Experienced HEC certified coach, on a mission to unlock human and organizational potential.